cocoboloCocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), comes from Central America and southern Mexico. It is closely related to Brazilian Rosewood, and has many technical similarities. In fact, Cocobolo is often used for the same purposes as Brazilian rosewood.

Cocobolo heartwood contains reds, yellows, and oranges with dark streaking. The wood can also produce a "cinnamon-like" aroma when machining. The fine dust generated when machining has been known to produce an allergic reaction in some individuals. The reaction is generally a rash that resembles a poison ivy rash. A good sawdust collection system is highly recommended when machining Cocobolo.

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Cocobolo rosewood wood lumber 6x25x11 CL88
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EXOTIC COCOBOLO Hardwood Turning 1 Square x 14L Woodturning RARE Pre CITES
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cocobolo lumber
Current Bid: $40.00
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Figured Wide Cocobolo rosewood wood lumber 8x25x1 CL91
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cocobolo board micro lumber plank 1175 x 3 x 08
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Cocobolo rosewood wood lumber 41x25x1 CL54
Current Bid: $50.13
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