no-imageBubinga (Guibourtia spp.), is a red to reddish-brown wood with purple veining when freshly cut. After exposure to air, it turns to a medium brown with fairly pronounced pinkish or reddish highlights.

From Africa, this wood is known as Bubinga in the Cameroons and Kevazingo in Gabon and French Equatorial Africa. It is most commonly referred to as Bubinga in the United States.

The wood is reported to saw without difficulty and finishes well, although it is moderately hard and heavy. It is used mostly as a veneer for decorative paneling, but is also used in wood turnings and furniture.

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Bubinga 3 4 x 6 x 36
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Bubinga 1 2 x 3 x 24
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8 4 African Rosewood Bubinga 8 7 8 x 41 SLR 1 E
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Bubinga African Rosewood Board 33 7 8 x 19 7 8 x 7 8
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Bubinga 50 X 6 1 4 X 1 15 16 406
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