Rosewood, Brazilian

brazilian rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), as the name would imply, comes from Brazil. It is one of the most highly regarded exotic hardwoods, and has been commercially available for centuries. The color of this wood is varied from shades of brown, red, and violet with streaks of black. It's grain is somewhat wavy, although it can run fairly straight. The heartwood has an oily or waxy appearance and feel. The odor is fragrant and distinctive.

The wood machines and veneers well, but when it comes to gluing, certain precautions are needed to ensure adequete bonding. Brazilian Rosewood is used as a veneer for decorative purposes and other specialty items like cutlery handles, billiard cues, and wood turnings. Due to shortages of Brazilian Rosewood, some shipments may include wood of a similar color called Caviuna (Machaerium spp.).

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Rosewood East Indian FINGERBOARD FRETBOARD STOCK 24 3 4 x 2 15 16+ x 5 16 7004
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H26 Honduran Rosewood 24 x775 Exotic Tonewood 1 thick Lumber Kiln Dried Wood
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Bolivian Rosewood Morado 12 5 16 x 4 15 16+ x 13 16+ Santos Pau Ferro 6985
Current Bid: $14.75
Time Remaining: 8d 7h 9m

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Cocobolo rosewood wood lumber 4x25x105 CL80
Current Bid: $59.03
Time Remaining: 1d 43m

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Rosewood East Indian 24 7 8 x 2 15 16+ x 7 8+ exotic wood 7009
Current Bid: $22.00
Time Remaining: 13d 21h 23m

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Kingwood THIN STOCK 17 1 2 x 2 x 5 16+ Rosewood exotic lumber wood 7044
Current Bid: $9.00
Time Remaining: 20d 45m

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