Bocote (Cordia spp.) is a wild grained wood containing an irregular grain pattern of dark brown or greenish colors and very light colored graining. It has an oily or waxy appearance and is a fairly dense wood. It comes from Central America and South America, including Brazil and Argentina. Sometimes referred to as "Mexican Rosewood", although Bocote is actually not a member of the Rosewood family (Dalbergia spp.).

Bocote machines easily with good to excellent results in all operations. It is reported to glue readily and holds its place well when manufactured. Because of it's ease of working, good durability, low shrinkage, and attractiveness, the woods are used extensively within their areas of growth for furniture, cabinet work, general construction, boat construction, and many other uses.

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Bocote 2 blocks 48 x 475 x 16 Gorgeous nice figure DRY
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Exotic Wood Bocote Lumber 2x2x12 Woodworking Pool Cues Handles Turkey Calls Wood
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4 Pack 3 4 x 2 x 12 S4S Bocote lumber
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Bocote wood 14+ x 3 15 16 x 1 exotic lumber 4 4 6812
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Bocote wood 22+ x 3 15 16 x 1 exotic lumber 4 4 7031
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