Exotic Hardwood Species

BocoteBocote (Cordia spp.) is a wild grained wood containing an irregular grain pattern of dark brown or greenish colors and very light colored graining. It has an oily or waxy appearance and is a fairly dense wood. It comes from Central America and South America, including Brazil and Argentina.
BubingaBubinga (Guibourtia spp.), is a red to reddish-brown wood with purple veining when freshly cut. From Africa, this wood is known as Bubinga in the Cameroons and Kevazingo in Gabon and French Equatorial Africa. It is most commonly referred to as Bubinga in the United States.
CocoboloCocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), comes from Central America and southern Mexico. It is closely related to Brazilian Rosewood, and has many technical similarities. In fact, Cocobolo is often used for the same purposes as Brazilian rosewood.
EbonyThere are about 40 species in the Ebony family (Diospyros spp.), but only a few produce enough of the dark-colored heartwood to be of any economic importance. The Ebony of West Africa (D. crassiflora and D. piscatoria) is the most commercially valuable, but comes from fairly small trees.
Hawaiian KoaHawaiian Koa (Acacia koa) is a beautiful, and richly colored and patterned hardwood. It is prominently represented in early Hawaiian culture and is the most valuable of any timber species native to Hawaii.
honduras mahoganyHonduras Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) is one of the most popular mahoganies available in the commercial marketplace. It grows from southern Mexico, through Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela into the Amazon Basin to northern Bolivia and eastern Peru.
PadaukPadauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii ) comes from Africa, primarily Nigeria, Cameroon, French Equatorial Africa, and the Congo.
PurpleheartPurpleheart (Peltogyne spp.) is from Central and South America, but is mostly found in the Amazon Basin. It's a very distinctive hardwood because of it's purplish or violet colored heartwood.
Brazilian RosewoodBrazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), as the name would imply, comes from Brazil. It is one of the most highly regarded exotic hardwoods, and has been commercially available for centuries. The color of this wood is varied from shades of brown, red, and violet with streaks of black.
teakTeak (Tectona Grandis) is an Asian wood primarily found in India, Burma, Thailand, Indo-China, and Indonesia. The heartwood varies from a yellow brown to a rich brown, but may show some dark streaking.
wengeWenge (Millettia spp.) is an African wood found in the southern regions of Tanzania and Mozambique. It's heartwood is dark brown to almost black with alternate layers of lighter and darker graining, which runs fairly straight. It's texture is rather coarse.
zebrawoodZebrawood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) is one of the easiest exotic hardwoods to correctly identify. It comes from West Africa, primarily Gabon and Cameroon. As it's name implies it looks like a zebra, with it's distinctive pale yellow-brown and darker streaking.